First Drawings

When children are just beginning to write, we often ask then to draw their ideas too.  Do you have children who don't know how to draw what they want to draw, who lack confidence, draw the same thing every day, or just don't like to draw?  Often the children who have difficulties with writing are the same ones who have a hard time drawing.  We can prevent patterns of avoidance by giving children the opportunities they need to understand how to draw!

I’m working on a project that I am really enjoying.  I love teaching children how to draw the things that are important to them, and over the years have found that using lines and curves to teach drawing is almost like magic.  Lines and curves help children understand how they can use shapes to draw.   I've been using lines and curves with children to help them learn about letters, numbers and how to draw pictures for a few years but now I am putting together a 'finished' drawing product to offer to parents and teachers, and am excited with the results. 


This video demonstrates how children can learn to draw with multisensory experiences.    

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Fishing Fun

 Is it a number line or a balance beam?

Yesterday my best and longest work pal, Ms Marion, the best Physical Therapist ever, put together this fishing for numbers activity. This was one spot on her hopping and balancing adventure, a Friday favorite with the preschool kiddos.

Before children learn to write numbers they are learning about numbers, rote counting, counting small quantities, distinguishing between letters and numbers… Ms Marion incorporated numeral ID and sequencing in this week’s fun. A quick taping of two paper clips to the back of foam numbers, and she was on her way!

If your preschoolers are ready to start writing numbers, here is a great Freebie you can grab to get them started!

Introducing Capitals First! Blogging about Handwriting Instruction.

Welcome to any soul who is interested in handwriting instruction!  Driven by my passion to help teachers teach handwriting, I decided to offer Print Path to a worldwide teacher audience in August 2013.  This same passion sent me to graduate school two years ago so that I could investigate existing research regarding handwriting, to conduct my own action research, and most importantly to use research-based best practices to polish the classroom curriculum that I have been developing these past 12 years. 

It all just keeps getting better and better. As my own school district’s Handwriting Instruction Specialist, it is my job to to direct and deploy Print Path to over 270 classrooms, bringing quality handwriting instruction to 4500 children every school year.  I am truly blessed to be able to use my experience as a therapist, classroom instructor, and researcher to help so many children obtain legible and automatic handwriting while they are laying down life-long motor pathways.   

Capitals First! blog features ideas for implementing research-based best practices to improve instruction, highlight ways to use my products, and discuss recurring issues.  If you have any comments, or would like to see me discuss your questions please drop me an email,

Thanks for tuning in!  Thia