Making Sense of Numbers - Beyond Counting

Many children enter kindergarten being able to rote count.  What comes next? 

Part 1: Understanding and Supporting Pencil Grasp Development: 3 - 6 years

  • What grasps look like in the major three categories.
  • Why some grasps are more advantageous than others.
  • What ages typically-developing children are using these three types of grasp.
  • Positive Behavioral Supports for PreK Classrooms

    As I began working on a new Visual Schedule project for pre-K, I did a little digging into research-based practices to support positive behaviors in preschool classrooms. What did I find?

    Therapy Department Binder: Treatment Notes, Schedule, Attendance, Calendar, & Forms!

    Ensure that your school year is super organized and efficient. Have places for all your essential information. Keep your head and nurture your cool.

    Teaching Self-Regulation Skills to Elementary Age Children

    Finally!  A systematic method to teach self-regulation skills to children with sensory, emotional, and behavioral needs.  Color coded task cards give students managed choices to learn specific skills that meet their sensory needs and also calm them down, so that they can perform their academic classroom tasks.